Vistaar is an open, interoperable, and federated public network poised to revolutionize the agriculture sector. Its mission is to democratize and contextualize knowledge, empower farmer voices, and amplify the collective wisdom of the ecosystem through exponential AI. This dynamic network will play a pivotal role in transforming the agriculture sector by facilitating the discovery & fulfillment of verified agriculture content, best practices, and agri-skilling across diverse private and public provider platforms, ultimately driving innovation and progress in agriculture through a collaborative approach.

Values & Principles
  • Decentralised where every stakeholder can participate & contribute
  • Open & Transparent flow of value to every stakeholder involved
  • Interoperability & unification at its core- beyond platform/app boundaries to provide the right information, schemes & skilling content at the right time
  • Discoverable agri-advisory services across multiple agri platforms
  • Trusted verifiable information
  • Enable community driven farmer empowerment powered by  information and AI 
  • Enable innovation to solve for access by bringing small/large tech platform together
  • Anchor on Farmer Community & Voices
  • Amplify with Knowledge from within Network 
  • Ensure complete Transparency & Explainability 
  • Create Diversity
  • Foster Ecosystem  Innovation
  • Enable Agency, Choice and Dignity 

Network Categories

Content Services
Data Services
Observation Services
Imagine with VISTAAR
Farmer Journey - Facilitated by VISTAAR

Farmers as partners along with ecosystem players in a value chain journey.

seeds and fertilizer Post-harvest value addition,information and services requirements,feedback,queries
We are consistently building these resources, including a pool of master trainers to facilitate content and are open to your Feedback and suggestions, do get in touch and share your thoughts!
VISTAAR Bluebook
VISTAAR Network Specification
VISTAAR National Master Trainers Profiles

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The Onground Journey

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